Access to Water

Water Tower

Members of Helping Haiti celebrated with the community for the grand opening of the water tower in July 2009. Since that time, the water tower has functioned at full capacity in the hands of 3 community members and continues to provide daily for hundreds of surrounding community members. Our water tower is fed by the much larger city source, CAMEP, which opens 3 to 4 days weekly. We store a significant amount of water in our holding tank, enabling us to distribute water during the off days.
You’ll notice our water tower has a very unique look. It’s covered in a colourful collection of symbols chosen by the larger financial supporters. We give many thanks and much respect to the following major contributors:

Matthew Engelmen
Sumit Sharan
Kingston Fire and Rescue

Chris Stebbins
Tammy Aristilde
The Willis Family

Water Truck

Water is life.

Accessing clean water is often challenging in Cite Soleil. We fund water trucks that travel into the community so that residents can gather a supply of water to bring into their homes. Our team on the ground works hard to organize the trucks, provide clean buckets for water collection, and ensure water supplies reach our most vulnerable community members.

Community Shower Facilities 

Personal hygiene is a critical component of overall health and wellbeing, but without running water citizens are forced to carry buckets of water home to pour over the body.  For the elderly, injured and frail this is often not possible, and children often bathe amongst garbage. The creation of these shower facilities next to our water tower has enabled a safe, private space where the most in need members of the community can stay clean.