Medical Services

Helping Haiti Medical Clinic

Located on a main roadway in Cite Soleil, and safely accessible to all, the Helping Haiti Medical Clinic is 100% staffed by local Haitian health professionals.  Our services are all offered free of charge, and our dedicated team works hard to provide both primary care and emergency first aid to patients from across Cite Soleil.  Each week we support dozens of patients, with a variety of health concerns ranging from high blood pressure to life-threatening infections

Medical Laboratory

We provide free testing for a variety of diseases, particularly anemia and parasites which are common illnesses in the community.  We are continuously working to increase training and supplies for the lab to increase capacity. 

Community Outreach: Emergency First Aid 

Our trained first aid professionals travel throughout the community to deliver high quality emergency first aid to anyone in need.   Day or night, rain or shine, they are there for those who desperately need assistance.