Interpreter, Cité Soleil

Wilson is a self taught English instructor and interpreter. With the ability to teach and define 3 languages to both Creole and French speaking students, he is a strong member of our team. Wilson has a unique way about his teaching and isn’t afraid to face unusual circumstances in order to spread his style.


    Instructor, Cité Soleil

    A natural teacher and leader. Z is a First Aid commander. He, in partnership with Helping Haiti work hard towards building a stronger and independent tomorrow for Cité Soleil. To risk your life in order to help others in this community is not a rare occurrence. This man not only faces that challenge, he educates as many as he can with life saving skills so the majority have a fighting chance.


      Clinical Nursing Assistant, Cité Soleil

      Man and animal alike, Renel takes his time to aid, discipline and comfort everyone whose drawn to his calmness and warmth. Renel’s patience speak louder than words. The care in which he takes to mend those in need, is an example we at Helping Haiti are so proud to represent. We are honoured to have Renel on our team.


        Clinical Nursing Assistant, Cité Soleil

        Our wise man! Our voice of reason! Jonka is not only a mediator, and a caregiver, he’s also a man with great mental strength. He excelled in our First Aid for Peace program and has only ever been a great role model for other new members on our team. Helping Haiti couldn’t been more proud to welcome Jonka to our Clinic Staff team!

          Mario Remedor

          Head Nurse & Instructor, Cité Soleil

          Mario Remedor is a man of great drive and determination. His natural leadership and professionalism have helped him excel in his current role of Head Nurse at the Helping Haiti Clinic. While completing his nursing degree, he completed an emergency first aid instructors course and lead a very powerful class of young men through a First Responders program with Helping Haiti.

            Jean Claude

            Security, Cité Soleil

            Jean Claude is a man of great wisdom and fortitude. This powerful unarmed authority, displays his passion for his work on a daily basis. Jean Claude works in a peaceful protective manner, treating everyone who crosses his path with the same respect he would treat his own family. He’s much more than just a security figure. He’s a man who adds an unmeasurable level of experience and understanding of Cité Soleil.

              Aaron Sousa

              Director, Canada

              Dually representing Helping Haiti as director, and partner Instructor, Aaron supports a large populace in sustaining a knowledge of First Aid and CPR. Aaron has an early wisdom and style that only he can deliver in a training session. His depth of understanding and ability to adapt to endless scenarios makes him an instrumental figure in Helping Haiti. An instrument of enlightenment, encouragement and one of true compassion.