Ripple Effect
There is nothing like the celebration that takes place when our organization delivers a truck of water to a community. This activity not only benefits the community receiving the water, but also the team of distributors. For as little as $50.00 you can support: Growth of volunteerism within this community Opportunity to embrace the feeling of gifting between communities Awareness of the reality in neighbouring areas Empowerment through positive modelling But most of all you support a day of awesome sweat and smiles!

Blood, Sweat & Tears
Sustainable First Aid for Peace, Hygiene, and Infant CPR are just 3 of the courses we offer at our Heath Care Training Facility. We train local instructors, and pull students from 6 different areas of Cite Soleil. Adult students who typically have a partial grade school education, come together in a peaceful atmosphere for sake of personal growth and opportunity. Every course has an intended compound benefit. For example our First Aid for Peace program brings rival gang members together to learn First Responder Techniques in dressing bullet and knife wounds. This month long course allows even enemies the opportunity to create new relationships and mutual respect. This is not only a compound benefit for the participants, but for the entire community.

Members of Helping Haiti are always developing initiatives to aide in all families climbing over barriers and benefiting from programming, business opportunities and schooling.

We work in one of the most volatile areas in the Western hemisphere.

Boston, Cite Soleil is home to some of the most notorious “gangsters” Haiti has ever experienced. We work together with those forgotten and uneducated, to find peace through specific programming, fit to meet the participants needs.