Community Centre

The UN recognizes play as the right of every child. Play is not a luxury; it is a tool for education and health. It can bring entire communities together and inspire every individual. A game of basketball can teach children about tolerance and peace. Play helps teach important life lessons and develop skills like co-operation, leadership and teamwork. Play provides a retreat from everyday hardships and brings joy and laughter, allowing kids to be kids.” – Right to Play

I’ve personally watched volunteerism grow among a population that struggles to find food on a daily basis, but yet they find the strength within themselves to support their community. This in itself keeps me motivated to support the change Cite Soleil is prepared to fight for.

We offer free programming and education to those who have not been fortunate enough to attend school. This programming, education and opportunity to play needs to take place in a safe venue. The Pivot Point Community Centre is being built with this intention. 

Members of Helping Haiti are always developing initiatives to aide in all families climbing over barriers and benefiting from programming, business opportunities and schooling.

We work in one of the most volatile areas in the Western hemisphere.

Boston, Cite Soleil is home to some of the most notorious “gangsters” Haiti has ever experienced. We work together with those forgotten and uneducated, to find peace through specific programming, fit to meet the participants needs.

We believe by supporting community members (who’s children are not currently in school) with small business opportunities, (while financially supporting the first year of their children’s education) and allowing the family a school year to make their own personal gains, we are encouraging sustainable growth, family pride, and a proper education discipline.