Information on Donating to Helping Haiti

When you donate to Helping Haiti, your money goes directly to sustainable, community-driven development initiatives in Cité Soleil that focus on increasing the community’s health, safety, and well-being. Our programs are all Haitian-led, which means that in addition to providing valuable community services, the programs also provide community members with employment opportunities. Your support enables us to empower and support the people of Haiti to help Haiti.

See the impact of your donation on our site’s Our Work page, by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and by signing up for our newsletter.

Donations can be direct to one of three specific funds: Greatest Need, Emergency Relief, and First Aid and Other Community Training Programs.


Cité Soleil is constantly changing, as are the needs of the community.  The Greatest Need Fund supports the ongoing efforts of our team, including our medical services, access to water programs, and supports our other funded programs. See a full list of our programming here.

This flexible fund not only supports our existing programming but is also used to fund new community-led initiatives.

If you would like to support our organization’s ongoing efforts in Cité Soleil, please consider donating to our Greatest Need Fund on our Donate Now page.

A monthly donation of $20 could support the training of 5 community medical first responders.

Emergency Relief Fund

Our emergency response teams are made up entirely of community members from Cité Soleil and include individuals who have completed our month-long community medical first responder program. Our team provides access to quality care both day and night, travelling into the community to help patients wherever they are.

On Saturday, August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwest Haiti, killing over 2,200 people and injuring thousands more. Haiti was then hit by Tropical Storm Grace, complicating efforts to search for and rescue survivors and causing flooding in the camps where people are staying after losing their homes.

After experiencing their own devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince in 2010, our teams were eager to help in any way they could. Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to have several teams travel to Les Cayes, the epicentre of the earthquake, to provide emergency medical response services.

This is a constantly evolving situation and a time of great need for support in Haiti. If you would like to support our team’s relief efforts, please consider donating to our Emergency Relief Fund on our Donate Now page.

A one-time donation of $100 could provide medical supplies for an emergency response team.

First Aid & Other Community Training Fund

In Cité Soleil medical services are very limited with most clinics closing at 4pm, leaving many residents without access to emergency care through the night. Through training people from around Cité Soleil, we are able to provide a service that creates a ripple effect of life-saving skills through the community and by the hands of the community.

Other training programs supported by this fund include our Infant CPR Training, our Alternative to Violence Program, and the ongoing construction of our Community Centre.

If you would like to support our organization’s ongoing training efforts in Cité Soleil, please consider donating to our First Aid & Other Community Training Fund on our Donate Now page.

A one-time donation of $50 could provide a graduate of our community medical first responder program with a well-stocked first response kit.