Board of Directors

Meet the enthusiastic, dedicated, and hardworking people behind Helping Haiti!

Christina Weber, President

Christina is currently her residency in Family Medicine through McMaster University. She became involved with Helping Haiti after seeing the founders speak at an event during her first year at Queen’s, and has been involved ever since. Christina has held leadership positions for a variety of organizations and initiatives, including the Co-President role in Queen’s Helping Haiti for two years. She holds a degree in Life Science and has a passion for global health, which she pursues in her research and extracurricular activities.


Chris Robinson, Vice President

Chris is a community and urban development professional having completed a Master’s of Science in Urban Development Planning at University College London. He began his involvement with Helping Haiti as a founding member of the Queen’s University Chapter of Helping Haiti (QHH). Since that time, Chris has remained dedicated to supporting community-level development both with Helping Haiti and in his career at a Canadian NGO. He brings to the team a background in international development and urban planning, supporting communities to achieve their goals. With Helping Haiti, Chris has contributed to the initial groundwork for the community centre and the community gardens in Cité Soleil.


Tammy Aristilde, Past President

Founder Tammy Aristilde began as a humanitarian in Cité Soleil in early 2008. Where most people would turn their eye – leaving issues for others to sort out – Tammy, together with Robinson, marched forward and began sowing the seeds for what would eventually become Helping Haiti. Tammy is a trailblazer, with a strong mind and huge heart. She’ll inspire you to push your limits, motivate you to volunteer and welcome you, to join her in Helping Haiti.


Aaron Sousa, Chair of the Board

Dually representing Helping Haiti as director, and partner Instructor, Aaron supports a large populace in sustaining a knowledge of First Aid and CPR. Aaron has an early wisdom and style that only he can deliver in a training session. His depth of understanding and ability to adapt to endless scenarios makes him an instrumental figure in Helping Haiti. An instrument of enlightenment, encouragement and one of true compassion.


Fritzner (Robinson) Remedor,  Board Member

Remedor Fritzner is on a mission to keep hope alive in Haiti. An activist in Cité Soleil, he walks the streets of this poverty-stricken area daily breaking up fights, feeding hungry children and organizing development initiatives for his community. Though Robinson has been afforded an education and access to external resources, he doesn’t dream of abandoning his country for self-gain in the U.S. or Canada. Instead, he chooses to tough it out in the place where he was born and raised, alongside his fellow Haitians. To him, it makes more sense to invest in Haiti, in ways that will allow Haitians to be self-sufficient, healthy and happy.


Lauren DeSouza, Marketing & Promotions

Lauren first got involved with the Helping Haiti student chapter at Queen’s University while studying Global Development, where she was on the executive for two years. She recently graduated with a Masters in Public Health in Global Health from Simon Fraser University, and is passionate about fostering sustainable community development and making health care more accessible for underserved communities.  She also holds a Certificate in Business and has experience in nonprofit marketing and graphic design, which she is excited to dedicate to growing and sustaining Helping Haiti’s programs.


Alyssa Weber, Liaison

Alyssa is currently a masters student at the University of Guelph, where she completed her honours degree in Biomedical sciences. She has always been passionate about working with underserved populations and has volunteered with a variety of charitable organizations in the past. She became involved with Helping Haiti after hearing about the meaningful work the organization does, and fulfilled many roles as a volunteer. Alyssa brings a wealth of experience networking and is dedicated to helping the organization grow.


Maddy Shales, Vice Chair of the Board

Madelaine first got involved with Helping Haiti while studying within the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s Univerity. Acting as the program coordinator for the Queen’s chapter (QHH); before joining Helping Haiti as Vice Chair of the Board. As a certified theatre and geography teacher, Madelaine has in-depth experience working with various NGOs to bring English second language learning programs to underserviced communities. Alongside, working as lead fundraiser and event planner for various charitable initiatives for Canadian and South American based NGOs. She brings this passion for community driven initiatives and accessible quality education to the Helping Haiti Team.


Jessie Obeng, Travel Coordinator

Bio coming soon